About me

Hi there! Wonderful web-world—–

I`m Margie, and this is my start-up blog to introduce myself, and make contact with you, wherever you are.

Home-base for me is a sea-side town on the south coast of Kent, in the UK, where I revel in the quiet peace of my own house and garden.

Writing and painting are what I do, mostly, for enjoyment and relaxation. And, of course, my daughters and grandsons will always be at the centre of my world. Happily they don`t live far away; just a few miles.

My working life was spent in Education. I worked hard, all those years, at encouraging my students to develop their own self expression and creativity, through debate, writing, drama, poetry, music and painting, and a whole range of other academic stuff.

I`ve always been an advocate of never ceasing to ask questions, and seek after knowledge. Being ALIVE is wonderful. The WORLD is wonderful, and there`s so much in it we`ll never have time to discover in one measly lifetime. For so long as our brains work, and continue to fire smoothly on all cylinders, we need to question everything in order to get answers; do we not?

Since taking early retirement I`ve had time to concentrate on my own personal interests, through my writing and the connected research it often entails. Having time for myself has also given me the opportunity to spend time widening my understanding of a broad spectrum of fascinating subjects, and challenging myself with a heap of questions concerning things about which I knew little, or didn`t understand, before.

I may never become an expert on anything, but I`ll never cease to be curious— I`m ALLOWED, you see! I have given myself permission.

Unfortunately, there`s a downside to this plan. I now realise I may have left it too late to break into print, and find a literary agent interested in reading what I have to say; or an adventurous publisher willing to gamble on my creative and imaginative efforts.

Perhaps I should`ve been thinking along these lines sooner, and not let so much time drift by?

But, come what may, I believe we should never give up hope, or cease to believe in one`s self. So here I am still hoping to get my new chosen career started, somehow.

I`ve got my personal destination in sight, along with many thousands of words still to write, and a heap of stories still to tell.

This blog is all about, ‘Thinking Allowed’. In fact I have more ideas thundering about inside my brain than I have time to fully develop them!

I write every day, often switching between subjects, as the hours progress, and the unexpected visual images, and ideas, pop up in my busy little brain cells.

In my spare time I`m a member of a local drama group—Lots of fun and laughter.

Recently I wrote, and performed, a 102 line dramatic narrative, ‘Mrs Nemo`s Nemesis’. Happily for me it was well received by an appreciative audience. (They were very kind people I`m sure.)

Here`s hoping this new adventure, blogging, produces a similar response. You see, I`m travelling hopefully….and of course… Thinking is Allowed.

As ever,

Margie Makepeace.